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Avoid Hard Drive Failures

As laptops are becoming cheaper and more powerful, companies are beginning to acquire them more and more. The mobility that they add is unmatched in some industries. Marketing, editing, film, and accounting companies can absolutely benefit for the possibilities that laptops offer them. The same goes for salesmen and saleswomen who go on sales calls. Some companies can also benefit from allowing workers to bring their computers home to continue working on projects. As the prices drop and the power rises, it is no wonder why people are switching from desktop to laptops.

Most people take for granted how durable laptop computers have become. Buttons can break, the outside can scratch or chip, and speakers can die, but somehow the laptop keeps functioning. Most computers still have a spinning hard drive, and these are extremely fragile. Not only are they delicate, but they also keep the information that you save to your computer. All documents, programs, pictures, and videos will be lost, and maybe forever, if you crash a hard drive. There are some options that you have when it comes to restoring your hard drive after it crashes, but there is no guarantee that it will work or that it will be cheap.

The first thing that you should try is to remove the drive from the computer and plug it into another one. You can buy external cases and cables that will allow you to plug the drive into a computer as an external drive. This is usually the cheapest and easiest fix. It won't fix your computer, but you will be able to retrieve the important data.

Data recovery software is available for both PC and Mac. Both of these programs will require some technical savvy but not much. This is the option to take when you can connect a hard drive but you can't manually remove the files. 

The last option you can take is data recovery services. This can work a good portion of the time, but it can be on the expensive side. Be weary of cheaper offers because it might not be the best place to trust.

The number one reason a hard drive will crash is damage. This can be from a fall or a hard bang. If you are going to be traveling with an important machine that has valuable information saved on it, you should get yourself a case. Getting a sleeve for a backpack isn't the option you should be taking if you really care about your machine. Custom carrying cases can be made to house your specific computer so that it is safe when it travels. It will be harder to find stronger and more durable cases than blow-molded cases.

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