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Blow Molding Average Costs

When creating custom carrying cases, there are multiple molding processes to choose. One of the most popular methods is blow molding. When designing blow molded cases, producing a high-quality product within your budget is important. Five main factors determine the cost of blow molding.

Resin Type - The materials manufacturers choose to create their product will play a part in cost. The most common inexpensive resins used in blow molding are polypropylene (PP) and high- and low-density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE).

Part Dimensions - It goes without saying that the larger your product, the higher the cost. Thankfully there are ways to decrease the cost of large products. Use a resin that maintains its strength even when blown very thin.

Quantities - You want to make enough products to last demand throughout the year, but you do not want to make more than needed, as this can be costly. The minimum recommended production run size is 1000 pieces.

Structural Requirements - Some products will come with a list of specific needs and features. At times, these requirements need special tools or additional resin.

Tooling - Tooling is a necessary expense to get the blow molding process running. Tools included in the process are the customized mold and other related machinery.

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