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Blow molding is an industrial procedure

Blow molding is an industrial procedure that makes hollow, 3D items out of thermoplastic materials. Most of the materials come in powder or granular variations and can be turned into a number of different products.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to blow molded plastic.

Extrusion blow molding is popular for a reason; it is a very versatile process that can create a wide variety of different objects. Custom carrying cases are made with extrusion blow molding because it is a cheaper industrial process that makes a strong good. In addition, the operational costs are much lower than injection molding because the operation uses lower pressure. This makes mold costs and machinery much more affordable. It is also easier to mold external threads and make open-ended parts that can be accomplished by splitting.

Most aspects in life have disadvantages, and the same goes for extrusion blow molding.  Although extrusion blow molding is economically efficient, there are some drawbacks to the process.  As the diameter of the mold increase, the areas with the thinnest walls have a close tolerance. Also, the variation of molding has a longer cool down time than injection blow molding.

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