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Cases for Different Purposes

Custom carrying cases can help maintain the longevity of a wide array of expensive equipment or gear. Companies in the medical equipment field, military equipment field, and telecommunication equipment fields all benefit from custom built blow-molded cases. They combine a extremely shock resistant exterior with specially designed foam inserts. Custom cases can be built to safely carry light fixtures, which traditionally was difficult to transport. Custom case building companies can work with individuals on a individual basis to create the perfect case. Below we will be going over some different case options.

Watertight Cases: These are amongst the most versatile cases on the market because they can go almost anywhere. Not only are these cases impact resistant, but also they are submersible. They do not subcome to corrosion. Considering this is these facts, the cases can be taken out in all types of weather. They can also go most place tradition carrying cases cannot. This includes boating equipment and camera cases for nature photographers. These cases can be customized on both the inside and out.

Soft Sided Case: Just because the sides are soft doesn't mean that this case doesn't offer amazing protection to equipment. It is not as impact resistant as a blow-molded case, but it still does have its boons. It is much lighter than other cases, so if you will be traveling frequently this may be your best option.

Thermoformed Cases: This option is stronger than soft sided, but still not as strong as blow molded. The cases are made when heated plastic (moldable) is placed over the exterior of a case. Before the case hardens, air is sucked out to create a perfect seal. The case is then left to harden.

Blow Molded Cases: When you need a case that is built tough, you will want to go with blow molded cases. It is even strong in cold temperatures. Another perk is that the color of the case is built into the plastic, meaning that the case will not peal, chip, or rub off. Many cases even come with an anti-scratch coating.

All cases can be customized with extra feature on a need basis. This includes die-cut flaps, added compartments, interior trays, and even stamped logos. Call a custom case building company to go over all your option because there really is a lot to consider. Getting the right protective gear will save your valuable equipment.

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