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Custom Carrying Case Manufacturing

What is the difference between blow molding and injection molding? Both are used to create stable final products, but each differs in many fundamental ways. By knowing the difference between the two production methods, it is possible to avoid problems during construction.

First and foremost, injection molding makes solid parts, whereas blow molding makes hollow pieces. Injection molding makes products like Frisbees, carrying cases, and coffee cup lids. Water bottles and soap dispensers are made by being blow molded.

Both blow and injection molding can have different thicknesses throughout the final product. The difference is that each process does this differently. A blow molded product has its thickness determined by the stretching of the material. Injection molding uses molds to determine thickness.

Injection molding requires molds to be made. Once a mold is made, it is very easy to make final products. This is not the case for blow molding. Versatility with blow molding is possible.

Determining which process is right for you is difficult, and so you should reach out to professional for any further questions about custom carrying cases. Custom carrying cases can be made with either blow molding or injection molding. Whether you a blow molded case or not, both options are still great.

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