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Dangers of Traveling with Laptop Computers

There are few worse feelings than the feeling experienced when finding out your computer, with all your personal and business information, is broken. Shattered screens, crashed hard drives, ruined mother boards, are just some of the catastrophic events that can happen when using a computer. The easiest, and most common, way to damage a laptop is through drops, bangs, and bumps. Most people use laptop computers on the run, meaning that they are carried from place to place. Few people realize how serious a risk it is to carry a laptop loose in a backpack or even in a specialized sleeve in a bag.

If you travel using public transportation, your laptop is at risk. It is rare to find yourself alone on trains and buses, which means there is a strong likelihood you’ll bang into something or someone. You might even drop your bag after you are bumped. Dropping your computer from shoulder height is usually high enough to do some sort of damage to your computer. Your hard drive might not crash, but you might dent the outside or damage the keyboard.

Even if you use private transportation, you can still easily bang your bag while carrying it around. As a result of the strong possibility of damage, you should want to invest in heavy-duty blow molded cases. Custom carrying cases are designed for specific laptops and their accessories. You can even create cases that hold several computers in one case.

Travel safe and travel smart with your laptop computers. Do not underestimate how fragile these devices are. Soft sided cases and bags with special compartments are better than nothing, but they do not do very much at all. Invest in protecting your information and technology.

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