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Getting The Best Custom Carrying Case: Picking Between Hard and Soft Shell Cases

The reason to get custom carrying cases is to protect your gear. There are different types of cases that your can get, such as thermoformed and molded cases and hard or soft sided cases.  Picking between hard and soft is arguably the most difficult decision to make when buying cases. Each have their own benefits, and as such they both have flaws. Before buying a case you should make a list of all the things you need now, as well as 1 to 5 years down the road. Knowing how your cases will be used should help to guide the decision that you make

Soft shell cases are lightweight. If you know that you will be traveling a lot locally then these case might help you get places quicker. Let's take a sound engineering company for example. These companies will travel from gig to gig, and they also have a lot of heavy electronics. First, the company must load up its truck, drive it to the gig, unload the truck, reload the truck, and finally take it back to the main head quarters to drop the stuff off for the night. Professional sound companies could be doing this 6 or 7 days a week. Having soft cases allows the whole process to move quicker. Workers can carry more, and they can carry things quicker. It can save anywhere from a half-hour to an hour off an entire gig. For purposes like this soft cases are great, but they don't do so well with other forms of travel.

Hard shell cases are perfect for infrequent and frequent uses of mass-transit. This includes riding the NYC subways, as well as air and train travel. Keeping an important business laptop in a soft shell case can be dangerous for a delicate hard-drive. On the subway, people bump into other people, and people bump into things. Trains and buses can stop short, which throws people off balance and sometimes to the floor. When you check your bag at an airport you have to hope and assume your bags will be handled with care, but that isn't always the case. Bags are usually not stacked correctly, and sometimes workers even throw bags around. Having a hard shell case in these circumstances will allow you to commute worry free (at least not worrying about your expensive electronics).

Get the perfect custom carrying case for you and your electronics.

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