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Guide to Plastic Molding

Knowing the basic differences between types of plastic molding processes will allow you to purchase durable, affordable, and efficient carrying cases. Plastic molding is used throughout different commercial industries, and so it is common to come across molded plastic on a daily basis. Common examples include plastic tubes, carrying cases, toys, kitchen utensils, and protective caps.  Many keyboard and computer mice are also made through molding. Out of the multiple options for plastic molding four are widely used.

Injection plastic molding melts plastic and forces the plastic into a mold cavity. The plastic cools in the mold and then it is removed. This process is used when creating a large amount of prototypes of products.

Blow molding is similar to injection molding. The main difference is that plastic (heated, in liquid form), pours out from a container into a mold. The mold is then closed, which forces the plastic to conform to the shape inside the mold. This allows for hollow parts, like the center of a carrying case.
Compression molding uses two heated mold halves to compress plastic. Unlike injection and blow molding, compression molds are pressed vertically. Also, the parts are air-cooled.

Lastly, rotation molding takes hollow molds that are packed with powdered plastic. This is secured to spokes, which extend out from the central hub. The mold is finally brought to a furnace room where the powder begins to melt (sticking to the inside of the mold to create a final form).

Each process has it benefits and downfalls. This ranges from price, time of products, and final product strength.  If you are shopping for custom carrying cases, consider the process of how the plastic case was made.

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