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Hard or Soft Rifle Case

Choosing the right blow molded cases for your rifles requires a lot of time and research. When finding custom carrying cases for your rifles, you’ll want to decide if a hard or soft case works best. Each style comes with advantages and disadvantages.

If protection is your number one priority, then you’ll want to go with a hard rifle case. Most hard rifle cases are made of plastic or aluminum. A plastic carrying or aluminum carrying case features a hard exterior that will protect from the elements and outside forces. Foam lines the interior for added protection. The foam helps to keep the gun in place. The thicker the foam, the better. Some cases allow you to get a model-specific foam to fit your rifle.

While hard cases offer more protection than soft cases, they tend to be more expensive. They are also generally more difficult to transport because they are bulkier and heavier.

Soft rifles cases are great if you’re using the case for a hunting trip. They are lighter than their harder counterparts which make them easier to carry around. Additionally, they are quieter which is a quality needed when walking around the woods. Many soft cases are waterproof which is why many waterfowl hunters opt for the softer cases. Soft cases can also serve as a cushion when they are empty.

One of the main disadvantages to choosing a soft case over a hard one is the lack of protection. Soft cases are not as secure as hard ones. Many hard cases feature a locking system that is not present in soft cases. Additionally, soft cases do not have the foam lining that keeps a rifle in place.

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