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Injection and Blow Molding

Both blow molding and injection molding are manufacturing methods that are used by engineers to create plastic products, but only blow molding should be used to create a plastic carrying case. At Princeton Cases, our talented staff has the ability to create perfect, custom plastic carrying cases for any need. There are some similarities between the two methods of molding, such as the fact that they are created with thermoplastic (plastic pellets), which are distributed through a heated cylinder. The two methods cannot be used interchangeably, and it is clear that blow molding is best for carrying cases.

Blow molding: melted plastic is formed into a parison, and air is blown into it. This is how it is possible to make hollow parts, like plastic carrying cases.  Typically, this molding is used when creating products that do not have uniform thickness. If you want a case with thicker sides and a thinner bottom, this method is best.

Injection molding: pressure is applied to a mold filled with melted plastics. The force shaped the plastic to the contours of the mold. Molding takes 40 % more time when compared to injection molding. Injection molding is best for solid plastic components.

There is a reason why we focus our attention on blow molding for creating custom carrying cases. Blow molding a plastic carrying case is the most efficient, inexpensive, and effective way to create a custom case. Don't get fooled by promises of injection molding.

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