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Making Sure Your Laptop has a Long Life

As the prices of laptops are dropping, and the quality and performance power are increasing, more and more people are getting these machines. There has been a boom in the last five years, and now laptops sell just as much as desktop computers. This was not the case five years ago.  Because they are so portable, people tend to forget how fragile these machines are. You need to handle them with care if you truly want to make your computer last. There are certain precautions you should take when carrying it within your home, carrying it in public, and when you simply use it. Here are some tips that should help you get the most out of your expensive laptop computer.

1) Treat your system with delicate care, so carry it properly. This means that when you lift it, the lid should be shut, and you should hold from the bottom with both hands. Do not hold it upside down or sideways. Mostly likely, you have a spinning hard drive in your computer (unless you've moved to a solid state drive). If these spinning hard drives get jostled too hard there is the potential for damage. Damaged hard drives can lead a complete loss of files, or an extremely expensive hard drive recovery (this recovery will cost at least $500 dollars US).

2) Besides carrying properly, you should also be mindful of how hot your laptop is. When you put it on your actual lap, you can feel how hot it gets. This can be very bad for your computer. If I laptop gets too hot, and stays that way for a good deal of time, then you could risk frying some of your circuit boards in the computer. Get yourself an external fan dock for your computer. It'll cost you a few bucks now, but it's cheaper than fixing a computer later. These docks usually give your computer extra USB ports, which could be extremely beneficial.

3) Lastly, you should always carry your computer in a case when you are taking it out of the house. Too often, people usually put their laptop in a backpack with a bunch of other items. Not only can this damage the exterior of your computer, but also if you get bumped or drop the bag it could be very bad news. Custom carrying cases for your specific laptop will protect your computer in the harshest of conditions. If you use it for work or school, which means you travel with it frequently, maybe even carrying it on public transit, you will want a heavy-duty case.

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