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Are Metal or Plastic Cases Better?

When getting a case or cases for your valuable technology, you really want to think about function over fashion. There is sometimes a debate on which of the two is more important, but when it comes to protecting your gear there really shouldn't be any conversation. Transporting computers, tablets, cameras, lens, and more used to be more difficult because special cases weren't built to help withstand falls and bumps. Currently people have a choice between metal and plastic carrying cases, and there has been some debate as to which does a better job of protecting gear. Below we will be going over a few of the reasons why you may want to consider a blow molded carrying case over a metal case.

First, let's talk about scratches and dings. Both metal and plastic do an amazing job of protecting your precocious and expensive technology. When comparing the two you need look at something called the yield point, as well as ductile versus brittle materials. Both plastic and metal scratch, but plastic can be scratched easier. Considering that plastic is colored completely through, it is usually rather difficult to see the scratch. Metal is harder to scratch, but when you do scratch you won't be able to miss it. When you drop metal it is also more likely to dent than compared to a plastic case. Plastic will, however, chip and possibly cracked if hit hard enough. Metal is ductile and plastic is brittle.

Plastic has a tendency to not feel heat and cold the way metal does. This can help to keep the temperature inside your case more stable than in a metal case. When dealing with electronics, you do not want to have drastic temperature changes quickly. It could potentially harm some of the components inside the machines.
Plastic cases are usually cheaper to make as a result of the materials used. Metals are more expensive to buy as well as harder to work with. Plastic carrying cases are cheaper, and they are also able to customized rather easily.

Custom blow molded carrying cases are strong, look good, and are inexpensive to purchase. When you are getting cases for your expensive electronic gear, you really must consider form over function. It is more important to protect your gear than to look good. Metal cases are strong, but you might get something better when using plastic.

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