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Molding Processes

In order to create plastic products that have specific functions, different molding method must be used. When molding plastic, there are four common types. Knowing the difference between these molding processes can ultimately help you get the best product for your specific needs.
When creating custom carrying cases, the best molding method is blow molding. This type of molding is best suited for hollow products, just like carrying cases. Because the product is made out one solid material, it is one of the strongest methods of molding. Blow molded cases can take extreme abuse from both weather and wear/tear.

Injection molding is almost as strong as blow molded cases, although injection molding is less versatile. This process is more expensive and does not leave plastic with the same strength.
Compression molding is not practical for creating smaller products like custom carrying cases, and so it should be avoided. The same can be said about rotational molding.

If you are in the market for incredibly strong custom carrying cases, look for blow molded cases. At Princeton Cases, we work individually with our clients, so that we can make specially designed plastic cases for transporting all sorts of expensive tools, equipment, and machinery.

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