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Picking the Proper Case

A lot more goes into choosing a custom carrying case for your gun than simply looking for a hard or soft case. While these facets are important, there are several other features to consider as well.

Soft cases are extremely versatile and are made with a wide range of materials, such as nylon and leather. Some gun owners complain that soft cases do not offer a lot of protection but the benefits are plentiful.

Most soft-sided cases are lightweight, quiet, and easy to manage. Soft-sided cases are particularly popular with duck hunters because they are usually waterproof. Additionally, the cases can be camouflaged and will disappear when ducks appear. The cases also float which is a benefit in case something happens. This will prevent hunters from losing their guns if they fall into the water.

If you are planning to fly with your firearm, it’s important to purchase a gun case that is approved by the Air Transport Association (ATA) of America. The ATA has specific regulations regarding the packaging of airline cargo. ATA-cases must be designed to withstand at least 100 round trip airline trips. This means that the hardware should be able to handle abuse and mishandling without damage.

Get the right bag for you and your gun.

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