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Pros and Cons of Extrusion Blow Molded Cases

Blow molding is a manufacturing method that forms hollow pieces of plastic. You can create many different types of items using this industrious process, including custom carrying cases. Extrusion blow molded carrying cases are excellent vessels that help to protect goods while in transit.  There are many advantages and disadvantages of blow molded plastic cases.

In essence, blow-molding plastic is a procedure that creates hollow 3D articles by using predetermined amounts of thermoplastic materials. This process can either be continuous or intermittent, but always uses a parison to extruded the plastic.

Advantages: Due to lower pressure, the costs of molds in extrusion blow molding are much less than the mold and machinery costs associated with injection molding. The process also lends it self to creating intricate designs in a wide range of sizes.

Disadvantages: As the size of the mold increase, the mold costs of extrusion blow molding directly rise. Additionally, it is very hard to mold in-holes.

The process of extrusion blow molding allows for the simple designs of many different plastic carrying cases. If you are interested in learning more about the process of extrusion blow molding, contact a local professional in the region.

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