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Reasons to Choose Blow Molded Cases

Different materials and manufacturing processes are used to create custom carrying cases for various types of equipment. One of the most popular manufacturing processes for creating strong cases is blow molding. Custom blow molded carrying cases are designed for:

Blow molding is attractive because of the many benefits that it has over injection molding. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Blow molding is a relatively quick process when compared to its counterparts. The time saved helps to bring down production cost.
  2. The cases are durable, and if they are treated with care, they can last a lifetime. Even once their initial purpose is finished, new custom foam inserts can repurpose the plastic carrying case.
  3. When compared to its counterparts, blow molding tends to have a lower price point (this is not always the case because price does vary depending on size and customization).
  4. Customization options for blow molded cases are almost endless. The process allows for intricate details and shapes to be designed and created.

At Princeton Cases, we have the knowledge and tools to build custom cases that are designed for your particular need. We are ready to assist in creating you your own custom cases.

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