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The Difference Between Water Tight and Water Resistant

When someone is searching for a custom carrying case, they often look into the difference between waterproof and water resistant. The two terms are often interchanged, but actually mean two different things.

Waterproofed cases means that the case can be completely submersed in water for an extended period of time, without ever getting the contents of the case wet; some waterproof cases can submerged over 100 feet.   Waterproof cases have materials with pores that are much to small for water particles get through. These cases are also sealed with plastic at the openings, to reinforce that water will not get to the contents. Waterproof cases are very expensive, and are often non-vital for most day-to-day travelers.  People traveling with expensive camera equipment, in areas that are prone to getting wet, are the most likely to need a completely waterproof custom modeled case. People who carry expensive electronics, or materials that cannot be exposed to water, should always look for waterproof cases. The price of the case may be expensive; but protecting the precious materials is well worth the cost.

Water resistant cases use materials that aren’t completely waterproof, but can withstand water to a certain degree.  They are much more affordable than their waterproof counterpart, and have easily accessible entrance points. Also many water resistant cases have taped-seams, to help insure that water doesn’t reach the items in a case.  If the case is exposed to an exorbitant about of water, or is submerged the contents may become wet.  The water resistant materials also ensure that they case will slowly fill with water, instead of immediately.  Water resistant custom carrying cases can also be made of lightweight materials, that do not have the same, dense pore structure as waterproof cases.  You can find hikers, or those doing backpack trips with water-resistant cases and bags.  Lightweight luggage is often an important criterion that travelers follow.  Many airlines have restrictions for how much weight each traveler can carry; limiting the weight of the bag itself is an efficient way of adhering to the weight restrictions.

If you are looking to purchase a waterproof or watertight custom carrying case, it is always best to contact a local purveyor. Businesses’ that sell custom carrying cases can always help a customer decided which is the proper case for a any item or scenario and can help distinguish whether they need waterproof or water tight resistance.

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