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What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is an industrial, manufacturing process that creates parts by injecting material into a custom mold. This design process can be completed with a wealth of different materials ranging from metal, to glass, to elastomers.  

Injection molding is a favorable manufacturing technique that is used to create many different types of wire spools, custom carrying cases, car parts, musical instruments, furniture, containers, and so many other products. It is by far the most commonly used method of manufacturing parts, because it can produce a very large volume of the same object.

Injection molding is an extremely versatile process that can produce objects with holes, springs, threads, hinges, and undercuts in a single operation. Injection molded parts can be both simple and complex, and can come in a variety of different strengths and sizes. These molded parts can also be decorated: they can be polished, textured, colored, clear, or even hot stamped.   Machines range in size and complexity, but all machines are comprised of two basic systems: clamping and injection systems. The injection system heats the material to the appropriate viscosity and injects it into the mold. The reciprocating screw injection system is the most common form of injection system.

Materials for injection molding often come in pellet form. The pellets are fed into the hopper and a screw conveys and melts the pellets into the barrel.  The melted material is then forced into the mold, and the part is formed. The material cools within the mold until it is hard enough to be removed. After the material is removed from the mold, it is checked for defects and excess material.

Molds are extremely valuable tools that should be cared for accordingly. Before any mold operation begins, it should be inspected for defects that would damage the final product. A trained professional should repair leaks, rust, and excessive wear. Prior to using the mold, ventilation chambers should also be cleared and clean.

Excessive material, located on the outside of a part is known as flash. Flash is a result of a material passing through the parting line of the mold. Flash is the result of high impact and packing pressures. Flash can be removed from the edges of material.

If you are looking to learn more about injection molding, custom molded carrying cases, or how molds are used, it is best to contact a professional in the field of injection molding for more information.

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